Frozen pizzas with fresh ingredients by Hansen Foods

Hansen Foods is proud to be the home of Pep’s frozen pizza. Since its Wisconsin beginnings in 1962, Pep’s is built on the freshest ingredients, perfect sauce, and original recipes pizza lover’s demand. We invite you to explore all our Pep’s varieties and find your favorite!

Deliver a heavy, thick, and delicious hand-crafted Drafthaus style pizza experience directly from your oven to your table.

This is a great fundraiser on its own or add to one of our other awesome catalogs to have even more sales! It also can be set up with our online store with over 600 American made items. Reach out across the nation and increase your profits even more!!

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Cherry USA

Everybody Loves Fresh Baked Pizza!

Available in 15 delicious pizza offerings.

  • Pep’s Cheese & Garlic Bread
  • Pep’s Pepperoni & Sausage French Bread
  • Pep's 62 Sausage Pizza
  • Pep's 62 Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza
  • Pep's 62 Pepperoni Pizza
  • Pep's 62 Four Cheese Pizza
  • Pep's 62 Supreme Pizza
  • Spesso Uncured Pepperoni Pizza
  • 5” Pep's 62 Pizza Variety Fun Pack
  • Pep’s Drafthaus Double Pepperoni Dopplebock Pizza
  • Pep’s Drafthaus Brawlin’ Buffalo Chicken Pizza
  • Pep’s Drafthaus 5 Meat Mash Pizza
  • Pep’s Drafthaus Taproom Double Pizza
  • Bellissimo Pizza Margherita
  • Pep's Drafthaus Prohibition Special Pizza